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Day 3: Thursday 25th June 2009 | June 26, 2009

The morning was taken up by Transport with Mike Axon representing Glenkerrin. There were clear areas of disagreement between Glenkerrin and SEC, but respective positions were re-iterated and defended.

SEC’s contention is that the Arcadia development is unsuitable for the site and that the transport arrangements are inadequate. The traffic impacts on central Ealing will amount to degeneration and the Section 106 money will be inadequate to compensate.

Glenkerrin asserts that transport facilities provided by the development will be able to cope with the projected demand and that S106 money will provide any additional changes and improvements in the immediate environs of the development.

I caught sight of the projected S106 spend of almost £2 million on transport. It is:

£1.3 million towards a bus interchange or ‘other appropriate public transport facilities’

£250,000 towards ‘Travel Demand Management’ (TDM) in the town centre. (TDM covers a wide range of tools and techniques from better travel information to parking management systems)

£50,000 towards variable message car park signing

£25,000 towards monitoring and reviewing Ealing CPZs

£5,000 to travel plan monitoring

£300,000 to Ealing Broadway Station (EBS) forecourt improvements including a relocation and improvement of the pedestrian crossing. (Glenkerrin is paying cash to itself here as it owns the EBS forecourt).

Up to £55,000 for new Springbridge road pedestrian crossing

Up to £40,000 for crossing relocation on The Broadway

Restrictions preventing residents from obtaining parking Permits

A Car Club and travel management plan.

Great play was made about the view that Mr Axon and TfL rejected out of hand the notion that the Arcadia site was a suitable site for a bus station and that the non-provision of a bus station in no way invalidated the Arcadia proposals. TfL Mr Axon produced copies of emails to him from TfL at one point and it was clear he had a close working relationship with them.

Julian Carter was up next for Glenkerrin speaking on Town Planning and Control. He spoke for an hour and basically said that the Arcadia proposals ticked all the national, regional and local town planning guidelines. There then followed some discussions about the primacy of The London Plan over the so called ‘saved’ sections of the Ealing UDP; the validity if the Supplementary Planning Guidelines; and the relevance, in ‘legal’ planning terms, of The Tibbalds Report. (If you are unsure of the nature of these various tomes have a look at my Arcadia Glossary).

It’s now clear to me that there are lots (at least two) different opinions on the interpretation and implications of a whole raft of Government planning guidelines. It’s also very apparent that this is a legal wrangle that’s taking place. After three days we have heard nothing really about what life might be like for residents, shoppers and visitors in a new Arcadia. As this is a housing development, it does seem odd that we have had no discussion on what it might be like actually living on let’s say the 21st floor of ‘Lantern’ tower. Instead it’s been the cut and thrust of my Section 4.123 versus your Policy 3D.7.

Ealing Council go into bat on Day 4 Friday, 26th June with the Council’s Regeneration supremo Brendon Walsh giving evidence. I do remember his arrival at Ealing Council in late 2006 when there really was no Regeneration Team in Perceval House. Now there are plenty of these Regenerates and even Ealing Council’s Planning Department reports into them. ‘How the mighty are risen’.

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  1. Well, presumably living in Arcadia will be like Utopia! Although according to wikipedia, they had their problems even in the original Arcadia: ‘The Latin phrase Et in Arcadia ego which is usually interpreted to mean “I am also in Arcadia” or “I am even in Arcadia” is an example of memento mori, a cautionary reminder of the transitory nature of life and the inevitability of death.@

    Comment by Gillma — June 26, 2009 @ 11:39 am

  2. Thanks Eric. Was there on Tuesday morning and appreciate getting the latest news.Hope to be back to support next week.

    Comment by Jen — June 26, 2009 @ 2:38 pm

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